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STEAM careers are the jobs of the future and currently Blacks make up less than 5% of people hired in these positions. Brown Toy Box believes early exposure is the key to workforce development across diverse communities. We are working with corporate and philanthropic partners to create a world where Black children are positively represented, equipped and educated to achieve greatness through equitable opportunities. We are leveraging partnerships to prepare the young minds of today for dynamic leadership through STEAM careers. “It is our responsibility to normalize Black excellence, create pathways to prosperous careers and expand Black children’s ideas for the possibilities for their lives through STEAM Education, purposeful play and cultural representation.“ - Terri Nichelle Bradley, Founder and CEO  


Imagine an uninterrupted pipeline from early education to entry-level career in the industries that are the future of work. Advocating for Brown Toy Box is an investment in the future and the sustainability of the American economy and workforce. 


Early and recurring exposure to STEAM careers and STEAM thinking now will play a critical role in impacting the future of work by developing and preparing the next generation of Black innovators, creators and thinkers. 


Brown Toy Box is working to be the entry point to the STEAM pipeline by helping children to build their confidence in exploring STEAM activities, careers and 21st Century Skill building early and nurturing them the next phase of STEAM learning. 


Play is where children first begin to develop ideas about who they are and their place in the world. Play is also where they model these beliefs. Brown Toy Box believes children should see themselves positively represented in any place they experience regularly. Their existence should be normalized in the toy, books, games they play with and media they consume.

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Cox Enterprises is one of the committed partners to invest in the future with Brown Toy Box. COVID-19 exacerbated the achievement gap between students living in high and low-income communities. The existing achievement gap between black and white students also grew at an alarming rate. Cox Enterprises, a partner committed to not only the community but to the work of positively influencing education and the future of work through early STEAM access, looked to Brown Toy Box to help them get tactile STEAM kits into the hands of young children and local schools. 

 Working together, the Brown Toy Box team worked closely with Cox Enterprises and the Title 1 schools they are supporting. After carefully curating the STEAM kits, the students enjoyed not only the experience of having something of their very own that they can use at school or at home and for schools that are still virtual, they are able to use the activity to be apart together. Brown Toy Box plans to grow our relationships with mission-aligned corporate partners like Cox to make STEAM accessible, representative and fun.

Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.
Fred Rogers

“The projected net worth for Blacks in 2053 is $0. This is due in great part to industries and jobs where Blacks have the most representation is either being eliminated due to technology or they are low-wage positions that aren’t in line with the increased cost of living in the United States.
The Department of Labor