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Maya is always right, at least she thinks she is anyway. She and Justin programmed her glasses to change colors according to her mood. Those glasses change a lot! Maya is the most adventurous of them all. She is honest to a fault! She is competitive and codes every situation in her mind. Maya analyzes everything but only wants to get the best out of everyone.


Dre loves astronomy, telling corny jokes and music. He dreams of exploring planets far and away. He loves to rap and can turn anything into a song. Dre is thoughtful, athletic, and very protective of his friends. He is the most courageous of them all. He and Maya are always competing with each other which drive their friends nuts!


Makayla is the youngest of the crew and can be, well a little bit flighty. Makayla sees the world in colors and is a sensitive, free-thinking optimist. Makayla is also a southern belle with a great southern drawl and an even better sense of style! If you are ever looking for Makayla outside of the classroom, wherever you find her she will be adding a little color, style, and flair to whatever she is doing!


Oscar’s dad always said that he was born a fish! He loves to swim and be anywhere near water. Oscar loves to share fun facts. Sometimes when he starts “Did you know?” Maya speaks up and says, “Who cares Oscar!” But he persists anyway. Oscar is sensitive to the moods of others and is not afraid to call out a bully. Sometimes he jumps to conclusions too fast though and speaks before he thinks though. Oscar speaks three official languages, well five if you count dolphin and sea turtle.


Amara is the environmentalist of the crew. You won’t make her mad very often but littering and not taking care of the planet gets her going. Amara encourages all her friends to recycle. She is a problem-solver and can always be found in the lab making a concoction, or with her nose in a book. Amara is very responsible be feels a lot of pressure to be the best which makes her second guess


Justin is pretty shy kid with a dry sense of humor. His mom says he is an old soul. When he lets people get to know him, they see his is actually very special. Justin is a tech wiz, and although he is anxious and always imagines what could go wrong on an adventure, he never lets his fears stop him from stepping up and helping out his friends.



While they may look alike, the twins are very different. Ava sees everything in angles. She wants to be an architect when she grows up. She talks fast, loves dogs and thinks hard about everything before doing it. While Alex on the other hand is very spontaneous. He jumps right in and wants to "just get to it!" The twins love each other and work great together even though, like a lot of brothers and sisters they bicker a lot. 


This kid is very serious and rarely stops to smell the roses! He keeps everyone on their toes. He is serious even when he is having fun. Everett loves three things: studying history, talking with Kenny about stocks and business, and hearing stories from elders. His favorite day is when the scholars at Dadisi Academy volunteer at their local senior center so he can hear them talk about when the seniors were young. You will never catch Everett out of a suit. He also loves dressing up.


Sebastian has a green thumb. Do you know what that means? It means he does a great job growing plants and food. Sebastian knows growing things takes patience and love. He likes to grow fruits and vegetables for the students to eat with their lunch. He also studies temperature and weather. Sebastian’s mom is a farmer and taught him to talk to his plants and the fields like they are friends. He can grow anything!


Skye is the oldest child in her family and the only one to leave the country. She has three brothers but none of them can climb a tree or throw a rock as far as she can. Skye likes to do all the things people think she cannot do. She loves a challenge and never turns down a dare. Skye is always saying “Bet I can!” Skye wants to build her own plane and fly around the world. Skye speaks English and Portuguese.


Zoe likes to have fun. The only thing that she likes more than fun is being with animals. Whether the animals are on a farm or in the outback where she is from in Australia, Zoe has a special bond with all the animals she encounters. All the children at Dadisi Academy love Zoe because she loves to make everyone laugh.


Do you know what entomology means? It is the study of bugs. Willow LOVES bugs. She is also the most curious of the crew. She asks lots of questions, really a lot of questions! Sometimes the rest of the crew gets a little annoyed, but her curiosity gets the best of her. Sometimes she will stop in the middle of asking questions and say, “too much?” The best thing about Willow is that she always puts herself in other people’s shoes.


If you hear a little voice saying, “I’ll fix you right up.” It is more than likely Haylee! She practices operating on her stuffed animals, her friends and she spends lots of time in the nurse’s office after school watching Nurse Linda take care of students. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Haylee is the friend that can best keep a secret.


Kenny wants to buy a lot of land when he goes back home so he saves all his money. Kenny also teaches the other students about how to use money as a tool. Kenny can solve almost any riddle or puzzle that he works on.


Jalen is very curious. In fact, he investigates everything. His grandfather, who he lives with when he is not at school is a police officer. Grandpa is loved by his neighbors and Jalen wants to be just like him. One of Jalen’s favorite things is hearing about cases grandpa is working. Getting fingerprints and collecting evidence to help solve cases sounds like so much fun, Jalen loves to practice solving cases with his friends.


Mwalimu Tommie teaches the students that the world is a classroom to learn. He teaches that exploring is a great way to learn, helping others is what the world needs and to be great the most important things to do is stay curious.  Mwalimu means teacher in Swahili. 

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