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Dadisi Academy Crew Poster Bundle | Brown Toy Box | Wall Posters

Enjoy our Dadisi Academy Poster Bundle

Your Dadisi Academy Crew Poster is a 20x24 posters that features a photo of each member of the Dadisi Crew. You will love their likeness and the unique, playful qualities of this student crew. An Always Polite Product Description with Integrity

Enjoy our Dadisi Academy Poster Bundle featuring each of the members of the Dadisi Crew. Perfect for school or home, these posters would make a perfect graduation gift for a Dadisi Scholar.

Justin wants to figure out how every robot and electrical thing he encounters works. He encourages young boys and girls to Stay Curious. Dre loves to explore and learn new things. He encourages young boys and girls to Stay Courageous. Makayla loves museum arts and is encouraging friends to Stay Curious.

Maya loves everything tech. She loves to compete with the other boys and girls on how fast she can code. She is smart and strong. She encourages all her friends to Stay Confident.