The Mission
Brown Toy Box was founded to help parents and community supporters of children of color find toys, books, classroom decor and other products that culturally affirm and empower them to pursue careers and hobbies where Blacks are typically underrepresented.

We are excited to work with culturally conscious parents as well as school systems serving  Title I students  in communities 90% Black populations. Our goal is to use fun and play to expose, encourage and empower every Black child to know they can be and achieve anything they set their minds to doing.  We've always known that sometimes the students who could benefit the most from Brown Toy Box  come from families who can afford it the least,  and that is where our corporate partners come in.

Corporations that are committed to education equality, ensuring all children have the opportunity to have great economic mobility in their futures, and that want to make a tangible impact in the lives of children, partner with us to bring Brown Toy Boxes to Title I schools in their communities or in areas where they have strong interest.

As mindful community involvement continues to be integral to the business objectives  and comprehensive outreach strategy of corporations, Brown Toy Box gives organizations the opportunity to organically engage African American families while empowering Black children. Brown Toy Box helps corporations amplify community  engagement work by providing  its audience with a measurable, tangible and compelling brand experience  to recall for years or a lifetime.