The Mission
Brown Toy Box was founded to help parents and community supporters of children of color find toys, books, classroom decor and other products that culturally affirm and empower them. As a mother of four,  it was always frustrating going from store to store and website to website looking for dolls and books that reflected who my children were and affirmed what they looked like. From that frustration Brown Toy Box was born. 

Each box contains fun and engaging toys, books and games that feature brown children in all their awesomeness. It was also very important to me to curate products not only from big brands and toy companies but to be mindful to leverage Brown Toy Box in a way that introduces black and brown toy designers and authors to excited and eager children.

As mindful community involvement continues to be integral to the business objectives  and comprehensive outreach strategy of corporations, Brown Toy Box gives organizations the opportunity to organically engage African American families while empowering Black children. Brown Toy Box helps corporations amplify community  engagement work by providing  its audience with a measurable, tangible and compelling brand experience  to recall for years or a lifetime.