Terri-Nichelle Bradley

Founder & Principal of Play

Terri-Nichelle Bradley, Founder & Principal of Play enjoys over 20 years of PR & marketing experience. Her expertise is multicultural marketing mixed with her passion for building positive self-image in black children coupled with her immutable enthusiasm for entrepreneurship led her to launch Brown Toy Box.
Brown Toy Box was founded to help parents of children of color find toys, books, and activities that reflect them culturally and broaden their ideas of what is possible.  My personal mission is to eridicate the phrase "Black people dont..." Because I know we do it all! As a mother of four little brown children it was always frustrating going from store to store and website to website looking for items that reflected who my children were and affirmed what they looked like. From that frustration Brown Toy Box was born. ​
  • Mother of Four
  • Nature Lover
  • Passionate children's advocate
  • Karaoke Queen
  • Published in PR Week, Ad Age, O'Dwyer's  PR and many more industry publications
Brown Toy Box is as a for-profit mission driven social endeavor that sources products made to not only celebrate Black children and to expose them to hobbies and careers where Blacks are typically underrepresented particularly focusing on STEAM. We serve as a  channel marketing and distribution partner for small businesses. Brown Toy Box is especially intentional about supporting Black and Brown creators, makers, authors and manufacturers who share the mission of community empowerment. By engaging these creatives, we support hundreds of Black-owned small businesses in communities across the county.